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Dana Warren Solo Hike 2015

Dana Announces Solo Cross Island Hike

The Outfitters - Monday, June 01, 2015

The Walk 

This trip is a personal journey that I’m going alone. Whether I like it or not, I know I will be crossing some scary lines for the first time, mostly inside of myself. That’s a part of why I’m taking this challenge. I want to push myself, to see what I am capable of on a physical and mental level. I want to move beyond (or perhaps accept) my fears of what might “get” me. My fear of animals, of being alone, of being disconnected. What am I capable of? The funny part is, as I train and prepare, the voice inside me that says “you can do this” gets louder and louder. 

I will be camping for most of the trip, which I imagine to take about 45 days. I’m planning a few rest days in the luxury of a B&B or a friend’s couch. It’s 883km on the T’railway. I’m starting in Port aux Basques and walking home in hopes that heading home will give me incentive. I’ve gotten some great advice particularly about not rushing - taking the time to see the beautiful nature that our province offers. And, I want to s.l.o.w. down. To feel what it’s like to be outside of the urban centre and the busy life I lead.  To be in nature.

I want to see this province along the “people’s road”. The Camino in Europe is 890 km from the Pyrenees in France to the final destination in Spain. It has been travelled by thousands of pilgrims over as many years. It leads to a beautiful church in Santiago de Campostella.  In the back of my mind this is my personal Camino. Newfoundland has all of those experiences to offer and who knows maybe its something I can develop.
I’m a life coach, a blogger, and I have a twenty-five year history in the film and advertising industry. I am someone who has always hiked but never done the long trek or done so alone (well except for my poorly prepared trek to the Yukon. That’s a story!). I’m pushing beyond my personal boundaries and, as I have discovered, some of those of my friends and colleagues. But I’m going, determined or destined; I’m not quite sure. 

I have a pretty good profile in the community and people are “inspired” by my endeavours and the things I talk and write about. I’m leaving on June 26 and hope to be back mid-August. Oh, and as an example of my writing ability, I won the Art and Letters Award for creative non-fiction three years ago for a piece I wrote on hiking the Yukon called “I am a Mountain”. You could also check out my web page - where you will find my profile and blogs.