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Road Running

Road Running

Running’s evolution has brought us to find convenient places to run. Roadways make for easy access for a run. If you road run, side roads are a better alternative where traffic is slower.  Look to other alternatives like trails within your area. The Grand Concourse Authority has a great network of trails within the City of St. John’s that will appease any road runner.


The Outfitters Trail Running Group is another excellent way to get into trail running if you’re looking for a change of scenery. Overall it’s been proven that trail running offers lower impact on the body and increased calorie burning. 


We recommend staying safe while you run on the road. Take extra caution in busy areas and ensure you wear a jacket or running apparel with sufficient reflective noticeability.


We carry a full line of footwear and apparel to outfit you for road running and trail running. If you’ve thought about transitioning from road to trail, come talk to our experts at 220 Water Street, St. John's, NL.


We carry the largest selection in Newfoundland of outdoors and active lifestyle products.